The Ugly Side of Owning a Business

It’s time for us to get real and raw.  We love this place where we can be ourself, show our creativity, help customers feel and look their very best, all while giving back to this amazing community we call home.  Unfortunately, there are two sides to every story.  

The point of this blog is to show that life behind the register is not always glamorous.  The amount of time it takes to run a small business is far beyond the hours of operation.  We miss time with our family and friends in an attempt to make POSH the absolute best it can be.  

We put so much thought and planning into every single POSH Box.  We want the items to be perfect and push our customers out of their comfort zone in a way that pleasantly surprises them.  We then personally package every single box with a hand written letter.  We believe it’s the small things that make the biggest impact.  

We update all of our own social media pages.  We want to have a page that is positive, inviting and about more than just clothes.  We post our favorite recipes, talk about current events, helpful life hacks and work through the ups and down of everyday life all while posting cute outfits.  We tend to over analyze every single post that doesn’t have high engagement.  We haven’t found a way to “turn” that off.  

We maintain our own website (without an IT background).  We list every single item that arrives in the store and make sure the inventory is accurate.  We’ll occasionally make mistakes, but for two non-tech friendly girls, I think we do pretty well.  

The problem is, we can never turn off the “work” mode.  We are constantly trying to find a way to make POSH better, always evolving, staying current on the latest trends, all while trying to save our customers money.  It’s simply EXHAUSTING!   

The amount of times we have considered giving up is shocking.  It’s heartbreaking when you put so much thought and effort into something only to hear complaints or criticism.    Not to mention the fact that there is nasty comparison game going on between boutiques.  We don’t want any part of it.  We support all of our competitors and want them to be successful.  We believe this world needs more influencers.  More people willing to put themselves out there in order to help others.

Even with all of the cons listed above, I don’t think we would change anything about it.  We are still so thankful to every single one our our customers.  We would not be able to continue down this road without you.  You’re the real MVP.  



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