The warm Summer months are the perfect reason to get outdoors. From biking to hiking, Turkey Mountain is a hot spot for those looking for an activity to get their adrenaline pumping. Recent snake sightings have people's hearts racing for a different reason. Several copperheads have been spotted throughout the trail. This venomous snake is known to strike fear into those who come across it, but experts say it gets a bad rap.

Typically, copperheads hide in the brush to stay out of the heat and/or out of harms way. However, on days when it is cool (especially in the morning), the snakes venture out looking for food, and you just might cross paths with one.

I know this probably goes against your instincts, but DO NOT KILL THE SNAKE. The law does require anybody who takes, attempts to take, harms, harasses or captures (wildlife) in any way… to have an Oklahoma hunting license. This means if you get scared and kill a snake with a stick, you could be fined almost $230. Not to mention the fact that attempting to hurt a snake could end badly for you as well. The snake is probably going to be afraid of you, and if you act aggressively it's only going to say “Don't try to hurt me, I'll hurt you back.”

Besides a hefty fine, if you are bit by a copperhead, a bottle of anti-venom could cost you in the thousands per vile. It’s best to just continue on with your workout when encountering a snake. Remember, copperheads are native to eastern Oklahoma and are a common sight. Just be cautious on your wildlife adventures. Enjoy the scenery. You are coming into their territory. Treat them with respect.


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