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Going to the dentist is not my favorite thing to do but I know it's necessary for overall good health.  For the last two days, my dentist, Danny Stos, DDS and his amazing staff have become my best friends.  In addition to a general cleaning and a couple of fillings, I learned so much about dental health in the hours spent in his office.  Since I have reached some level of adulthood without this information, I thought there might be others who could also benefit from it as well.  Some of the items are serious and others not so much, because that pretty much sums up my take on life.

Dental Tips --

1.  Plaque builds up on your teeth within 24 hours.  That's crazy.  This is why flossing is so important.  If you don't floss daily, you are leaving two of the surfaces of your teeth unclean.  Disgusting!!

2.  Flossing helps to prevent gum disease, which can ruin the youthful appearance of your smile by eating away at gums and teeth.  Again, disgusting.  It also attacks the bones that support your teeth and the lower third of your face. People who preserve the height of that bone by flossing look better as they age.  You look younger if you floss your teeth.  This is some good stuff to know.  

3.  Use a piece of floss 15 to 18 inches long, slide it between the teeth, wrap it around each tooth in the shape of a "C," and polish with an up and down motion.  This is the best tip I learned from the hygienist -- wrap the floss around your middle fingers and use your pointer fingers to control the floss.  It makes a huge difference.  

4.  Heart disease, stroke, diabetes, rheumatoid arthritis and even respiratory disease have all been linked to gum disease. By maintaining your gum health, you’ll help cut down your risk of these serious conditions – or improve your condition, if you’re already affected.  

5.  Yesterday, I had two cavities that required fillings.  There are no words to describe how much I hate the drill.  Remove bacterial buildup in those hard-to-reach areas, and you will save yourself the pain of going under the drill.  

6.  When you have dental work requiring numbing shots to all four quadrants of your mouth, your whole face will become paralyzed within minutes and it will continue to last for 4-6 hours.  Yes, your friends and strangers will mock you.

7.  If you want to go to Starbucks following such a dental appointment, it will not be a successful outing.  The barista will not understand your order and you will have zero control over your lips.  No matter how much you tell your brain to sip from the cup your lips will ignore the message.  Suddenly, your mouth has become a teenager.  Pouring the liquid into your mouth will not end well.  Take my word on this one.   

Bottom line, floss your teeth at least once a day.  

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