Forever a Daddy’s Girl

The bond between a father and daughter is unexplainable.  As a young girl, I always looked up to my dad.  Now, as a 33 year old woman, I look up to him even more.  

He is my biggest fan and supporter.  I know that he will always give me honest advice, even if I don’t want to hear it.  

He will forever be the first man I loved.  He  taught me what qualities to look for in a good man.  He showed me how a woman should be treated.  He gave me the strength and confidence to know that I should never settle for anything less than what I deserve.  

He is always there for me when I need a hug.  When I get a hug from my dad, all of my fears wash away.  I feel safe in his arms and for those few moments everything feels right in the world.

He is the only person I don't mind doing chores with.  He somehow makes cleaning up the yard, repairing the hole in the wall or making shelves for the garage fun.  He always has the best stories and time flys by.  Instead of it being a boring task, he manages to make it into a great memory.

Thank you for spoiling me, within reason.  My dad taught me the value of a dollar and how to work for the things I really wanted.  

I am beyond lucky to have such an incredible dad.  He let me make mistakes, no matter how hard it was watch.  He was there to pick up the pieces after failure.  It was his ability to teach me life lessons without saying a word that allowed me grow into the person I am today.

I thank God everyday for the amazing man he blessed me with.  I will never stop being your little girl.  I love you dad!  


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