Primal Elements Soap - Bamboo Charcoal

$ 6.50

This classy and stylish wrapped soap is made out of bamboo charcoal.  Primal Elements has often been imitated but never duplicated. Their eye catching images are visually unique, while the creative fragrances truly set their products apart. 
The smell, shape and feel have become the trademark of Primal Elements soaps. The colors and shapes coordinate with unique scents for a beautifully fragrant presentation.  All soaps contain vegetable glycerin, which moisturizes the skin with a luxurious lather that rinses cleanly away.  Primal Elements uses pure essential oils and popular fragrance oils for optimum fragrance.
Primal Elements soaps are cut into generous 6+ ounce slices. This helps to maintain the integrity of the designs and keeps the elements embedded in each bar.

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