We have a number of stylists who are gifted at putting looks together for your lifestyle or upcoming event.  We like pushing you out of your comfort zone, but not over the fashion edge.  When we get it right, it’s written all over your face – that’s why we do what we do.




Size 10-12                  Height 5’ 6”           Top – Size Large/X Large           

Style – Casual Chic

Interests  Alison loves wine tasting, traveling, community service and psychology.

Weird Fact –  Alison will be the Junior League President for 2014-2015, so she really is all about community service.  She can talk to anyone about anything.  Just try and keep up with her.  




Size 14-16                         Height 5’ 6”                        Top – Size X Large          

Style – Classic and Western Inspired

Interests  Amanda loves spending time with her family.  She loves games, crossword puzzles and animals.  Amanda has 3 cats and 2 parakeets.  

Weird Fact – Amanda's been working on the same crochet blanket  for 9 years.  Now that's some dedication!  




Size 4                         Height 5’ 3”                        Top – Size Small           

Style – Casual Chic

Interests  Amanda loves hanging with her friends and family.  She also enjoys putting outfits together, which is just one of the many things we love about her. 

Weird Fact – She hates food with fruit in it, but loves to eat fruit.  Go figure.  





Size 12                  Height 5’ 9”               Top – Size Large/X Large           

Style – Casual Chic and GNO Glam

Interests  Bailey enjoys playing competitive softball and shopping.  Seriously, she could be a professional shopper. 

Weird Fact – She is obsessed with having her nails done.  If it's the latest nail trend, you better believe she is wearing it.




Size 6                         Height 5’ 6”                        Top – Size Medium           

Style – Casual Chic

Interests  Julie enjoys reading, spending time with her friends and family and traveling.  

Weird Fact – She hated her skinny "chicken" legs growing up.  Now, she rocks those model-like legs that go on for days.  But, she still blushes if you compliment her fabulous legs, which is adorable. 




Size 4                         Height 5’ 5”                        Top – Size Small           

Style – Sophisticated Grunge and Vintage Glam

Interests  Kash loves being an actress/musician, she loves her rescue dog, Chance, and providing comedic relief to her friends and family.   

Weird Fact – Kash knows how to fence and is certified with merits in several stage combat organizations.  Don't mess with this girl!





Size 4-6                  Height 5’ 2”                 Top – Size Small /Medium        

Style – Vintage Chic

Interests  Kelcie bleeds orange and loves all things orange.  She enjoys crafting and hanging out with the cutest dogs in the world.  She spends her free time going to the lake, partaking in family dinners and baking. 

Weird Fact –  She can stretch her toes wide enough to pick up a                                                                    silver dollar off the floor horizontally.  Yes, it's a great bar trick. 



Size 4-6                   Height 5’ 8”                        Top – Size Medium

Style – Casual Chic, Bohemian Chic and GNO Glam

Interests – Loves helping people and empowering women.  Lee is so passionate about helping others that she started a second career and became a personal trainer at the age of 50.  Yes, this hot mama is 50!!

Weird Fact – She graduated from OSU and has two sons who attend OU.  It happens in the best of families.  



Size 6-8                     Height 5’ 8”                    Top – Size Medium         

Style – Casual Chic

Interests  Enjoys spending time with her family and friends.  

Weird Fact – She mixes her corn and mashed potatoes like a five-year-old. 





Size 6                   Height 5’ 2”                  Top – Size Small/Medium           

Style – Classic

Interests  Loves spending time with her family and traveling.  

 Weird Fact –  She has a large extended family and loves to entertain.  Mece can whip up dinner for fifty at a moment's notice.





Size 6-8                     Height 5’ 7”                    Top – Size Medium           

Style – Casual Chic

Interests  Meredith loves to travel and participate in outdoor activities such as skiing, running, biking and hiking.

Weird Fact –  She can touch her nose with the tip of her tongue. 





Plus Size                      Height 5’ 6”                    Top – Size X Large           

Style – Style-Rocker Glam, or Boho Chic

Interests – She is a Christian girl obsessed with football and fashion. She has a fashion blog and loves working as a stylist to make the world happy and beautiful.

Weird Fact –  Don't let the heels fool you. She is a tomboy that could break out into a 5 second dance break at any second.




 Size 6                     Height 5’ 8”                     Top – Size Medium

Style – Casual Chic

Interests – Tammy loves supporting the Animal Rescue Foundation.  Lilly, her Boston terrier and best dog EVER, came from ARF. 

Weird Fact – She stalks the people who steal pecans from her front yard.  Don’t mess with Tammy’s pecan trees.