What happened to loyalty? December 06 2016

Loyalty used to mean something.  It used to be something you could count on from your friends and family.  In recent years, there has been a huge lack of loyalty sweeping our country.  Slowly, loyalty has given way to self-interest.  

Only a generation or so ago, employees would stay at jobs for 20-30 years and retire with that same employer.  Today, co-workers easily throw one another under the bus in order to advance their career.  Employers just get rid of someone who no longer fits or is no longer needed without giving value to personal worth and experience.  

Spouses too quickly seek divorce instead of resolution.  If someone does something we don't like, instead of communicating and working through the issue, we simply throw them out like yesterday's garbage.  Why are people and relationships disposable?

What about seeing the needs of those around us? What happened to never forgetting the little people who supported you while you were making your success a reality?  What happened to standing by your friends through thick and thin?  What is happening to our society that we don't value the people in our lives?

We need to return to some of the same values as our grandparents. We need friendships that stand the test of time, marriages that last until death do us part and neighbors who watch out for suspicious activity when you are not home.  As simple as it sounds, be the person you want to see in the world. If everyone did that, this world would be a much better place.