Today, I voted.

* I voted because I can. I am an American citizen and have been given that right.

* I voted because I have a voice. Voting is a way to speak your mind and let your voice be heard. Exercising your right to vote is telling elected officials and lawmakers how you feel about health care, education and public safety. (Just to name a few.)

* I voted because one vote really does matter. There is power in numbers. When you vote, it encourages your family members, co-workers and friends to also get out there and vote. If you don't vote for what you believe in, others will.

* I voted because my mother and father set the example for me. They researched their candidates and policies to make the most informed decision possible. Remember, it's more than just a presidential race.

* I voted because I want to be the reason for change. Voting is a chance to make a difference in our own lives and this world.

* I voted because women in this country did not always have that right. I don't want the work of Susan B. Anthony, Elizabeth Cady Stanton, and so many others like them to be taken for granted.  This is your opportunity to stand up and honor those who came before us.

* I voted because I got a cool, free sticker. Who doesn't like something free? Plus, stickers make everyone happy. Just ask the little kid who just got a shot, followed by a sticker.

I won't tell you who to vote for, but please vote.  Let's make Susan B. Anthony proud.  


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