God With Us

I think it is common to have doubts that creep into your head.  It can be due to a trial, lack of effort on our end, or maybe just silly fleeting thoughts that creep in when you’re vacuuming the living room.  I totally have random and fleeting doubts from time to time. 

Then you have moments where you feel and experience something so deeply that you have no words to describe what you felt.  I believe that electrifying feeling comes from God.  It is a feeling that trumps all doubt and discouragement.  A wise friend said, “What consumes your mind, controls your life.  Don’t focus on adversaries.  Focus on God’s possibilities.” 

I am thankful for those sometimes rare feelings to help me stay focused on why we are here and what we need to be doing.  I am grateful that I have taken the time to write those moments down.  In the future, when I feel I need it the most and when I allow doubts to creep in longer than I should, I am reminded of those undeniable times that I could feel His spirit inside of me.  Having that moment brings me back down to reality. 

With the hustle and bustle of life, I know it’s easy to get distracted or discouraged, but I hope we always hold on to HOPE.  I hope we never deny or let passing time dim the reality of our sacred experiences.  Mostly, I hope every day we take a moment to experience Him.  He is always there and we can feel Him more than we recognize.  He is present in feelings of hope, love, forgiveness, happiness, laughter and comfort.  All things good are God’s way of showing himself to us.  Remember, we are never alone and never forgotten. 


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